Android Messages gets its own "app" in Chrome OS Beta 71

I prefer to do my daily driving in the Chrome OS Beta channel. It's stable enough for me so I can catch a glimpse of the newest features in Chrome OS. With each update, I must admit, I get a little giddy about it because I'm always curious what sort of change it will bring.

With the latest update to the Beta Channel on my Pixelbook - Version 71.0.3578.49 (Official Build) beta (64-bit) - Google has added a designated Android Messages app. Well, to be fair it's more of a PWA (Progressive Web App), but nonetheless it runs as a separate entity. When a message comes in I still get the notification so I can just open the messages app without having to always keep it open. It reminds me a lot like Apple's iMessage.

With little tweaks like this, it's hard to argue that Google isn't headed in the right direction with their operating system. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Android Messages as stand-alone app.


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