How To Install Libre Office on Chrome OS

Hey, folks. Since my last post I have come across many different forums asking if their Chromebook supports Crostini (Linux apps) then how can they install Libre Office. There are so many different flavors of productivity suites that can be installed on Chrome OS and I'll list some of the options here. For good measure, Linux apps support started out as "Project Crostini" so here on out I will refer to Linux apps as Crostini.
  1. Polaris Office (Google Play)
  2. Microsoft Office (Google Play)
  3. Microsoft Office (CrossOver app through Google Play. This uses WINE to run the Windows version of Office. This option can only be used in tandem with an Intel-based Chrome OS device. Sorry ARM folks!)
  4. Libre Office (Crostini)
  5. Open Office (Crostini)
  6. Google Office Suite ( and Google Play)
The above list is not exhaustive, but it gets a point across that Chrome OS is becoming an universal device that gives users many options.

You're probably reading this for the bread and butter of installing Libre Office. I'll get to that now, but first, I do want to note that if you prefer Open Office you can follow these steps outlined here. It's a little more work to get it installed.

Ok, so let's get Libre Office installed! 

Step 1

First, you'll have to turn on the Linux option in your Chrome OS settings. Don't know how or don't know if your Chrome OS device doesn't support Crostini? Take a moment to find out

Step 2

Open the Linux Terminal app and type
sudo apt-get install libreoffice
After a second or two, you will be prompted with entering either Y/N. Press Y for yes then hit your enter key.

Step 3

After saying yes to continue, This will take about 5 minutes or less to fully install Libre Office (at least it did for on my Pixelbook so just keep that in mind). When it is fully installed open the "launcher" and look for your new Libre Office apps! I store all of mine in its own Linux Apps folder so yours could differ in placement.


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